What We Offer

RELCO Products provides exclusive representation, full fabrication of wood panels, and tailored solutions for market expansion, brand visibility, and supply chain optimization, committed to your success.

How we produce

RELCO Products Inc. boasts advanced Numerical Controlled Cut Off saws and moulders for precision lumber and panel cutting, alongside services like edge banding and CNC routing, specializing in MDF mouldings available raw or primed.

Advanced Precision Cutting + Comprehensive Fabrication Services

RELCO Products Inc. has several numerical Controlled Cut Off saws capable of cutting bunks of lumber and panels up to 8″ x 11″, 6″ x 14″, 4 x 16″ or 2″ x 17″, utilizing the best yields and performance available in the market today. These high speed, highly accurate saws cross cut your material with a precision and squareness of cut, ensuring products meet your exact standards with panel sizing holding tolerances of ± .005. In addition, RELCO also offers edge banding, painting, CNC routing, bar coding, and light assembly services.

Revolutionizing MDF Moulding Production

With our moulders we are capable of manufacturing longitudinal products made of engineered products such asmdf-mould MDF. In one run your products can be planed, profiled or rip sawed. The transport through the machine is carried out by numerous feed rollers and the machine is capable of running up to 120ft per minute depending on the application. In addition, we have the capability of running material up to 12″wide x 6″ thick. We are capable of producing both hardwood and softwood components including custom profiles. We specialize in MDF mouldings. Our MDF mouldings are available both raw as well as primed for paint applications.”

What we produce

From MDF molding to casket components and everything in between we have you covered. Check the list below or contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Durable, precision-cut router boards/spoil guards designed to protect your equipment and enhance accuracy for all your woodworking projects.

High-quality cabinet drawer components guards, offering unmatched durability and smooth operation for a flawless finish in your cabinetry projects.

Sturdy and sleek cabinet drawer backs and bottoms, crafted for long-lasting support and a flawless finish in your storage solutions.

Elegantly designed bull-nosed and square edge shelving, offering versatile styling and robust support for any decor or storage need.

Premium furniture components, blending functionality and style, designed for effortless integration and superior durability in your furniture creations.

Durable cable reels designed for efficient cable management and storage, ensuring longevity and ease of use in any setting.

High-quality end caps crafted for durability and a perfect fit, providing a polished finish to any project or product.

Efficient and eco-friendly slip sheets, designed to optimize load handling and space, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability in shipping.

Versatile and sturdy peg boards, perfect for organizing tools and accessories with ease, enhancing efficiency and workspace functionality.

Elegantly crafted casket components, combining durability with respect, to offer a dignified final tribute to loved ones.

Customized skids and pallets, engineered for strength and reliability, ensuring safe and efficient transport of your valuable cargo.

Robust shipping crates designed for maximum protection and durability, ensuring your goods arrive safely, regardless of the journey’s demands.

Functional and sleek clipboards, designed for durability and ease of use, keeping your documents secure and organized on the go.

Precision-crafted stiles and rails, offering unmatched stability and aesthetic appeal for doors and cabinetry, enhancing any design project.

Sturdy lock blocks, designed for enhanced door security and seamless integration, providing reliable strength where it’s needed most.

Professionally designed sample boards, showcasing your materials with clarity and style, making product selection intuitive and visually appealing.

Sleek and sturdy shelving, offering versatile storage solutions that blend seamlessly with any decor, maximizing space with elegance.

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